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About Presskits

Since 1962 Ardmore Graphics Services and now Presskits has been manufacturing pocket folders, video sleeves, CD & disk mailers, packaging, portfolios, three-ring binders and sales kits for solutions to your packaging and folder needs. This has been our only business for the past fifty-three years and beyond - so we're good at it!


Presskits was started in 1986 by Tom Spiegel, owner, president and founder of the parent company, Ardmore Graphic Services, Inc. (founded in 1962 and incorporated in 1972). Until then, producing pocket folders involved several vendors: graphic designer, color separator, paper company, printing company, die cutter and finally a finisher to fold and glue. Moving from one vendor to the next decreased quality control and increased the margin for error, not to mention the time it took to complete a project. Tom knew there had to be a more efficient way to make these products and that's when presskits evolved! The company coordinates paper buying, electronic output, printing and finishing which means that the customer deals with just one vendor with total control and the project is completed in one third of the time.

Originally, Presskits specialized in media kits, pocket folders, sales kits, etc. With the explosion of technology, things changed; from ink on paper to data on computer disks, information from video and audiocassette tapes and data on compact disks. Presskits responded by developing and manufacturing new products such as CD packaging, video sleeves and software packaging and mailers. New equipment was acquired to manufacture these new shapes, designs and sizes. With the continuous creation of new products, Presskits has accumulated hundreds of dies that have been cataloged for future customers' use, at no charge. By purchasing paper in large volume, they can pass their savings on to the customer, creating a pricing structure to fit most budgets. In the process of continually creating new styles of products and meeting the customers' needs, the word got out, Presskits is now known as "the place to go" for custom quality packaging, delivered on time and within your budget. Their largest source of new business is referrals. That says it all! Presskits' commitment to quality, customer service and on time delivery within their customer's budget has rewarded them with steady healthy growth, continuous improvements, new products and many new and satisfied customers. If Presskits doesn't have what you need, they'll create it, helping their customers with smarter folder solutions for a changing world.