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Presskits Affiliate Terms & Conditions

1.) Signing up for a Presskits Affiliate account

1.1 Signing up and maintaining your Presskits Affiliate account is free and there are no costs associated with it.

1.2 Maintaining and updating the account with accurate information is the responsibility of the User.

2.) Adding clients to earn a commision

2.1 You need a Presskits Affiliate account to earn a commission, the next time you have a project that requires printing, you or your client needs to submit a free quote for the project at Presskits.com. Once a quote is submitted you will receive a a cost for the custom project. If you decide to move forward with your project, we will contact you for establishing a financial transaction, credit, or other arrangement with your client.

2.2 A client is locked into your account if they print and complete a project through you as the designer or design company. There needs to be a client connection or relationship.

3.) One designer or company per customer

3.1 There can only be one registered user per customer. There cannot be more than 1 person (designer or other) or company sharing a customer in order to receive a commission.

3.2 A customer is only assigned to a designer or design studio (or other) when a formal quote is processed by Presskits, financial arrangements are made, and the customer pays in full for the first job.

3.3 Receiving a free quote for a customer, client, or random business does not constitute a "lock" of that customer, client or business to your affiliate account in order to receive a commission. Receiving a free quote from Presskits is only part of the order process. There must be a completed billable project that includes printing, production, or design services in order for a business to be associated with your affiliate account.

4.) Completing a project

4.1 A commission can only be earned once a project is completed with Presskits. It's important to involve Presskits early in your project as we can help with communication or any special attention. 

  • Ownership of customers.

    • Presskits has been in business for over a half a century. That’s over 50 years. We didn’t get here by undercutting our own customers. We are honest, professional, and reliable. The customer service we provide is “top notch”. The printing is the highest quality possible. Your project has to be completed with our highest standards because our printing and service is represented by you and the people who see it.

    • We will never contact a customer unless you ask us to. We work for you. We won’t steal your customer or refer them to someone else who may do a better job.

    • Happy and satisfied customers are the lifebread of successful businesses. We will show and prove to you why Presskits has a reputation for being one of the best in printing and service. And what’s best is we are an extension of “you”.


  • Do I need any experience in sales, design, or printing?

    • No. Presskits is a “turn-key” provider. A one-stop shop. Presskits does everything with providing free and fast quotes for projects, professional design, concepts, production, prepress, proofing, printing, management, and more.


  • How do I get paid?

    • When a print or design project is completed at Presskits, and your customer or you has paid their account in full, we will send you a commission payment based on the sale of the project (less any sales tax if shipped in Massachusetts or any shipping related costs)


  • I’m a small designer and cannot afford to cover or manage any print projects.

    • Presskits can be your financial arm when it comes to any size project. Think of Presskits as your financial and print partner. We can manage the financial transactions for your project through a customer or client that uses any of Presskits services.

    • Presskits can handle credit checks, credit card transactions, manual or electronic payments, on your behalf for the customer. You won’t need to worry about deposits or the risk of putting anything up.

    • Presskits can be involved at any stage of your project. From concept to final delivery. Just tell us what you need or how involved you want us to be. Use our over half a century of expertise in printing and project management.


  • How do I get paid?

    • When a print or design project is completed at Presskits, and your customer or you has paid their account in full, we will send you a commission payment based on the sale of the project (less any sales tax if shipped to Massachusetts or any shipping related costs).


  • Can I transfer my Affiliate account to someone else?

    • No. Presskits Affiliate accounts cannot be inherited or transferred.


  • Can I pay someone else with my Affiliate account?

    • We cannot pay them directly. Presskits can only pay one user per Affiliate account. Once you receive your commission from Presskits into your bank account or by check you can freely use that money to pay someone else.


  • Can I build up and save my commissions and get paid at another time?

    • No. Presskits will process all commissions within 10 business days once your customer or client pays their account in full.


  • Can I use Presskits to collect credit card payments?

    • Presskits will process a credit card or check on your behalf of a customer project that has been quoted and invoiced directly by us to the customer..

    • Presskits will also process a credit card if you decide to pay for the project directly bypassing the customer.


  • Are there any fees associated with using your credit or financial services?

    • No. There are no additional fees if a project or service is completed by Presskits.


  • Can I refer other designers to your services?

    • Yes. Presskits Affiliate accounts are free to sign up for anyone.


  • Can you pay multiple users on 1 Affiliate account?

    • No. Presskits can only pay 1 registered user per affiliate account.


  • Can I close my Affiliate account at any time?

    • Yes. Presskits will determine if there is anything due to you on your account and process a final payment within 10 business days. Please note that a customer payment needs to be finalized before that can happen.


  • What happens to my customers if I close my Presskits Affiliate account?

    • We will continue to service your customers if they continue to ask for Presskits printing or services.


  • What happens if we cannot reach you?

    • It is imperative that you maintain and update your Presskits Affiliate account. This is how your commissions will be paid. We will make an attempt to contact you by email, telephone and regular mail if you do not reply, or a commission is unable to be processed because of incorrect information in your affiliate account.

    • If after 60 days we are unable to contact, send, or process a commission payment for you, your commission will be forfeited.


Have more questions?

Let us know by sending us an email or call us. We are here to help.


If Presskits determines there has been fraud or abuse of any affiliate account, it will terminate said account. Presskits reserves the right to terminate any account or end the relationship of any Affiliate customer. In the case of Presskits closing it’s business or being sold to another business interest, all Affiliate relationships will be determined by the purchasing company.

These FAQs and Terms & Conditions may be changed at any time and will be updated with Affiliate account notifications.

© 2016, Presskits/Ardmore Graphics Services, Inc. All rights reserved.