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We don't grin and bare it

CALL TOLL FREE: 800-472-3497, Email, or Live Chat

Try Presskits for the 1st or the 50th Time.

If you've never tried Presskits before, we'd like to invite you to share the experience all of our customers enjoy, and that is confidence. Confidence in doing things right. We do this by one-on-one advice of your project and how to avoid costly mistakes. Saving you time, sanity and money are important to Presskits, and we know you don't take them lightly when investing in printing. You need to look good, and we'll help with doing that.

grin and bare it

We don't grin and bear it when it comes to a project you've feverishly worked on and now it's ready to print. Unlike standard on-line printers, you actually get to talk with cheerful, knowledgeable, and experienced designers, production, and prepress people. And you can do this all up front, prior to putting a dime down to start your project. You can even talk with the President of Presskits. In all projects you will communicate with the owner, because that is how tightly integrated Presskits is with it's team of professionals, all looking out for your best interest.

Your project and satisfaction is always a top priority. We want you to come back to use Presskits again. Think of it like a strategic partnership.

 warm and fuzzy customer service

Presskits turns the complex into AMAZING!

We look for savings where we can without affecting the quality of your project.

You can get Presskits involved at any stage of your project. We work with all kinds of customers from beginners to experts.


Get help with your project!


Call for a FREE no commitment quote from over a thousand templates in stock or we can create one to fit your need. We can help you narrow down what fits best.

You can speak with any of our design, production, or prepress experts even before you start your project or put any commitment down. Just call TOLL-FREE 800-472-3497

Even if you don't know how to produce your own folder design and put it all together, we do.


Contact Presskits now and get started with free quotes, free templates, free consulting. You'll be glad you did.


CALL TOLL FREE: 800-472-3497, Email, or Live Chat

Try Presskits for the 1st or the 50th Time.