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When using our templates, the use of the EPS template files posted is highly recommended to lay out your graphics to our standard dies in the correct manner.

APPLICATIONS: Supported programs include up to the latest versions of: Adobe Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop, QuarkXpress, Freehand, or any other page layout program, Mac or PC. We even work with Microsoft Publisher. Please supply your press ready file in Adobe Acrobat with all hi-res images and fonts outlined included. Be sure the file was formatted for CMYK. If you are not sure - please call us and we'll help answer your questions. 800-472-3497 x106 or x110

IMAGES: Color images should be in CYMK color space at a minimum resolution of 350 dpi when placed at 100%. Other color spaces (RGB indexed) can be supplied but additional charges may apply to convert to CYMK and resulting color may need corrections, especially if color match is critical. NEVER imbed images when laying out your design layout program. Always link them. This allows us to convert/correct/alter them if necessary.

FONTS: Please outline ALL fonts before sending your fil- to ensure correct imaging.

PLATFORM: We accept Mac and PC files.

COMPRESSION: Projects uploaded via the Internet should be compressed into one file using Stuffit or Zip formats.

UPLOADING YOUR FILES : Go here to upload your files.

COLORS: Make sure your document(s) do not contain colors that are not actually printing. If your printed piece is supposed to be two spot colors, only two colors should appear in the color list. For four-color process only work, convert all spot colors to four-color tints. Any spot varnishes should be indicated with a specially created /named spot color.

TRAPPING: Please DO NOT attempt to trap your files. We'll take care of that.

HARDCOPY/SOFTPROOF: Please provide a hi-res PDF file as a softproof with your job, if possible. We also accept hi-res JPEG images for proofing.

Not sure? Please contact us via the online CHAT on our website, or contact us TOLL-FREE by phone. 800-472-3497 - x106 or x110